Q9 Part 2: Have there been any lost opportunities we can learn from?

We need to protect the Texas Pool

Just be honest about Collinwood.

The Texas Pool brings in people from all over the area. More funding could help restore and expand its services. This place should definitely be preserved.

Haggard Ranch, Wells Brothers Farm Store

The Texas Pool. Just drive by and take a look. Its mis managed and needs professional help and the City to watch over it.

How can Collinwood be saved? How can we be proactive in saving other historical homes and properties?

Losing the old house last year (failed bond election) was disgusting.

Yes, the Collinwood House

Collinwood House…….

Share resources online – all of them

The old house in wet Plano that was destroyed

Collinwood House & allowing City Manager to write a bad bond. Who made that decision?

Collin farm

Yes!! Look – it’s all downtown only! Myopic view of city officials.

Seems like the Cottonwood Home Properties was lost to development?

Attract the families and focus on serving citizens…attracting people to Plano is secondary. Its happening regardless of historical efforts.

Plano has tried to do a good job but way behind communities like Frisco.

How are these wins communicated to the residents? I don’t recall knowing any of these achievements.

Wider education of the community. Witness the vote not to preserve a historic home that could have been used for events, etc.

I’m not particularly qualified to cover this topic, but this list is great for downtown Plano, but development there has been much slower than I anticipated.

While the Collinwood House was publicly decided to be unnecessary, I was surprised there was so little movement from historical organizations to convince the city to save it.

The continued Masonic presence in Downtown Plano since 1860 to date except for 6 years.

Collinsworth house… there was not an organization to help preserve / reuse this property. Wells homestead (Sip n’ savor) land being re-zoned.


TBD in regards to Collinwood


Yes, Collinwood House. Promote this house nationwide.

Collinwood house – destroying it would defeat this preservation plan

You have totally screwed up the perception of Plano caring about history when you refused to save Collinwood. It’s no secret that the city did EVERYTHING possible to see it’s eventual demise. Bond issue was an insult to intelligent citizens with inflated price tag and something the city should have done to begin with. Such a black eye for the City of Plano

Again, Collingwood House. It’s like endangered species – once they are gone, you can never get it back. Whatever needs to be done, should be done.

Better communication among departments – (Parks & Planning)

Historical downtown…new buildings should not have been put on top or right next to building that are over 150 years old.

The Collinwood house. Plano has so few historic dwellings that losing this one especially total failure for the citizens of Plano.

African American Heritage museum in Douglass neighborhood?

Collinwood House was a failure for Plano. A $3.5 million renovation seemed to high all at one time. Were there no other options? Perhaps a small project here and there and not rely on only a bond.

Collinwood House (15)

Collinwood (12)

Collinwood House. The George House. (2)

Connect residents who own historic homes – informal meeting, facebook group – to share misery & resources & knowledge // service opportunities

Williams High School – honor its historic past and have it represented in day-to-day operations

H&T Train Station

George House 

Create more opportunities for public involvement in preservation. Publicize Plano’s heritage.

In educating others, stress that the downtown area is designated historic. Many of the buildings have individual historic designation and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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