Q9 Part 1: Have there been any other successful efforts?

Bringing back the Texas Pool

Texas Pool

Private revitalization of The Texas Pool

Funding the Heritage Plano Grant fund.

The Plano Conservancy, Texas Pool Board, and Texas Historical Commission are seeking National Register Historic designation for the Texas Pool in Plano

New owners reinvesting in downtown buildings instead of letting them deteriorate as previous owners had.

Preserving the Wells House on Coit, while adding new developments around it.

Trails installed leading to downtown Plano.

Downtown programs are successful

Genealogical Center in Haggard Library

These listed are all good! But the single most significant resource is the Collinwood House. And it will be lost soon due to extraordinary lack of vision

Continued support of Heritage Farmstead

Since the new manager took over, I have noticed more emphasis on heritage-related activities and better customer service.

Adding some applied science experience for youth in the Interurban Museum, Library programs

The attention that Downtown Plano has received is promising. The railroad museum is a great start.

So proud of it all!!!!!

Great Update Rebate to help revitalize old neighborhoods/homes

Apparition Expedition

Farmstead Events (2)

Renovation of Saigling House (2)

Façade reveals by removing cloaks of stucco

Don’t Know/Not Sure (8)

No (3)