Q8: What other topics will be essential for the heritage preservation plan to coordinate with in order to ensure its success?

Historic preservation by real estate developers

Uncover the reason the City Manager didn’t put the actual numbers to preserve the Collinwood House. Why does the city consistently have to do things behind the citizens back? Why not have a townhall to inform voters? AND why not listen to voters?

Any expanse downtown needs to consider plenty of parking and ease of parking.

Signage of and to locations also needs to be on Plano’s website.

When I moved to Plano in 1969 population was 15,000 and now it is over 250,000. They have done a good job dealing with this growth.

Preserve and highlight the Texas pool

Not allowing developers to influence the city to give them approval for their projects that have zero regard to Plano’s best interests.

Community Outreach

IF you really care about heritage preservation, you would keep the Collinwood House. It is the oldest house in Plano. It is owned by the City now. The City staff drive residents of historic buildings nuts with regulations, but when it comes to the oldest house in Plano, the city wants to take it down. That is hypocritical.

The Parks Dept needs to start accepting historic sites and their maintenance as part of its charter for existence.

Citizens input

Teach local history in schools.

Be creative in finding a way to keep/preserve those special places that are truly one of a kind and important to our history.

Sharing the history and information through events, activities, and educational center(s).

Stop the city manager from destroying the cottonwood house

Please do whatever you can to preserve the oldest house in Plano. It is our heritage.

Not allowing anymore historical buildings to be torn down

Downtown and neighborhood revitalization efforts

Don’t allow developers to change zoning of historic sites/neighborhoods

Nothing. Please don’t waste time or money on this!

Ensure the historic churches are protected

Preserve Collinwood, the oldest house in Plano. Why are city officials so against this house? No other building in Plano has this history and city officials want it gone, I guess because it doesn’t fit their parameters for how it could be used. Sad

To listen to citizen’s requests regarding current historical sites slated for demolition. Please save the Collinwood Home.


Public citizens and corporations within the City of Plano


We need to be careful to only champion truly historic items; We MUST NOT lead a jihad to save things ONLY because they’re old.

Awareness, publicity.

Code Enforcement

More details.

Costs and funding involved, and possible Tax increase.

Discussion at high schools in history class or work with principals to allow someone to come in to express concerns to our younger generations.

Community buy-in of the idea of preservation. Too many people are all too happy to tear down historical buildings for something new and shiny. Making the destruction of historical properties a harder option to accomplish.

The influx of new population taking over.

I like history as much or more than the average person, but let’s be honest with ourselves. Plano is not particularly noteworthy in Texas history. Just look at ‘historic places’ on Wikipedia. I’m not saying we shouldn’t preserve some areas, homes, markers, downtown buildings etc. However, let’s be smart about how we move things forward. For example, if it costs 2x to refurb a historic home, vs fixing or building a replica, let’s go the cheaper option.

Economic development, preservation of property values

Highlight history through community design, art, restoration, and overall more attractive landmarks (for noticability)

Placement of authenticated markers and plaques of historic events and entities for tourism and citizens.

Funding expanded to support historic sites and their maintenance.

Make them pedestrian friendly.

Teach it in history classes in schools?

City funding

Protecting City owned resources

Collinwood House.

Collinwood House. Mayor and City Mgr should work WITH the Heritage Commission and not AGAINST it.

City agencies must make an honest effort to coordinate with the various civilian organizations.

More visibility – so many new people probably have never even seen downtown.

Save Collinwood home

Public engagement through utility payment portal to guarantee engagement and notificiation

Coordinate with Citizens and Private Organization.

Short and long term plans for proposed properties, events, and needs.


Educating city leadership-both senior Staff and Council-on the benefits and importance of preserving a city’s historical structures, sites and artifacts. Not everything needs be new and shiny to have value.

Save Collinwood!!!!!

More widespread use of the various forms of media to promote the historic preservation of properties. In short, do a better job of informing and keeping the public informed.

You could create some type of membership, for a nominal fee, that people could join to give their ideas and help in preserving things.

This seems like an idiotic questionnaire where you are unable and willing to bother to fund Collinwood. Credibility lacking in your supposed concern

Making it easier on property owners to promote their business. For example, window decals do not harm the historic buildings and do not change the building’s character, so why do we need heritage review when we don’t even need a building permit.

Set up a Facebook page and let us the citizens of Plano know what is going on and how we can help. Listen to the people who have lived in Plano for 30 or more years. We love Plano! It is our home…and it will be our home until we leave this world. We are the ones that are passionate about Plano’s future, while not wanting to forget it’s past!

Financial decisions or incentives or recognition given to public and private efforts. Communication about these to the public to limit misunderstandings.

Educate the citizens on why the past is the foundation of the present. Without a physical presence, the present is shaky.

The citizens understand the importance so that during voting time people have a better understanding of what they’re voting for/against. Importantly not just voting on what to fund versus what not to fund. These properties are the City’s legacy that cannot be replaced.

Increased public transportation to various destinations within the city, thereby relieving traffic congestion

Make funds more easily available for preservation projects. Too many hurdles now to make it truly useful. State real cost of preservation not BS ones like you did on Collinwood House. Our neighborhood very angry about that.

Informally connect owners of historic properties for advice, support and camaraderie.

Integrating rapid growth of apartments and millennials in this city. Need to find compelling reasons for groups to be interested in preservation.

Affordable housing

Help educate people who see designation & design standards as ‘gov’t meddling’ that they actually protect their investment, just as mandatory HOA’s do

Continued communication with residents about benefits of preservation

If property owners had a grant program to encourage restoration, there would be a lot more participation & downtown would benefit greatly.

Planting more bluebonnets throughout Plano’s trails