Q6: Are there any other potential partners or contributors to preservation?

Business owners

Non profit is not always the best way to go when managing historical structures.  The Texas Pool is run by non profit and is dilapitated and an eyesore.  Its sad that it has come to this.  If grant $ cannot be given to the Texas Pool for mandatory repairs, it will continue to decline.  Its in really bad shape now and needs immediate attention.  The neighborhood is suffering from the lack of maintenance and disregard of that pool.  A City decision needs to be made on the Texas Pool now.  

Texas Pool Foundation org

Nonprofit Boards

The mayor


Oldest residents

The mayorvand city manager are key players who are obstacles to Collinwood’s preservation. 

Churches History' 

Children's groups -- teaching the importance of history and preserving the stories and buildings.

Not sure

Fraternal orgainizations

Collinwood House (2)

Long time residents 

Local Philanthropists.

Duh. The Heritage Commission. That is assuming CC and senior city leadership actually pay attention. 

Garden and environmental societies

Chamber of Commerce; MCOR

Plano facebook pages

municipality incentives

Chamber of Commerce