Q5: Write-In responses to vision for preservation in the community.

Lack of maintenance and neglect of the Texas Pool in particular. It is dilapitated and needs repair. The volleyball court next to it is dilapitated and should be eliminated. It does not fit the neighborhood and none of the neighbors around it support it except those on the 501c3 committee who are mismanaging it. It needs to be taken over by the City and eliminated.

Funding to maintain and improve historic locations

New development inconsistent with the city's original culture

The City Of Plano

City Council, the Mayor, and City Manager

Mayor's lack of interest in saving real historic sites

New comers don't respect the history of Plano.

Apparent indifference on the part of the City

Biggest threat - City Manager & the Mayor

Plano City Manager

Proposed demolition of Collinwood House

Harry LaRosiliere & Bruce -city manager. They really are not friends of this City.

Greedy developers

I don't think there are any because I don't care about this topic.

Collinwood house fits into all of these reasons and the mayorvand city manager are the biggest obstacles to it n

Lack of precieved value from the community is the biggest threat. If the citizens don't care / see value then it all falls apart. Don't take this a "marketing / awareness". Do something to create value through the program.

Incompatible alterations to historic buildings (not protected)

New residents, some holding positions of influence, who don't care about Plano's heritage.

city leaders who are not committed to maintaining the history.

Lack of protection of City owned Heritage Resources

Collinwood House (3) 


City Leaders not invested in Plano's Heritage

City leadership and their lack of knowledge and/or care for preservation.

City owned or partnered Heritage Resouces

Liberal politicians

The Heritage Commission needs to be given rein to preserve the historic and cultural fabric of our city.

Lack of appreciation of our city Mgr for Collinwood

Clearly the last two or the City wouldn't have balked at keeping Collingwood House

What has happened to the downtown 15th Street historical area is a shame. All the new apartments, should not have been built on top of 150 year old stores. This area was one of a kind with antique stores, one of a kind stores, wonderful restaurants and tea rooms! It has forever been changed and not for the better. I can't imagine what it will be in 30 years. Old run down apartment. It is now apartments, new stores just like everywhere else! Bars everywhere! So sad! It was a one of a kind destination. It was a memory of old Plano. It was Plano's proud history! Which is gone now. Please...help keep any history of old Plano before it is torn down or ruined. People that have lived in Plano, people that will stay in Plano for the rest of life's want to keep the memories of our past. What happened to 15th Street could have been moved a few blocks away and left old downtown in tack. Thank you!

Demo of buildings is no.1 threat. Ex. Collinwoood House.

could be too rigid requirements to maintain using old materials when modern materials would be longer-lasting or more desirable update of a structure.

lack of action by city council

Unnecessary demolition to make way for apartment complexes or parking lots

Lack of interest from our public officials

Lack of parking in historic districts so people will want to visit and want to be engaged and supportive