Q2 - Examples provided by respondents:


homes with plaques

Collinwood House (28)

Downtown historic district; Heritage Farmstead Museum

Heritage Farmstead Museum...Ms Amy’s Sheep Ranch

Old Cox Senior High School

Texas Pool on the Creek

The Texas Pool (3)

Historic Downtown Plano, Texas Pool, Heritage Farmstead, 

home, stores

Wells farmstead, Heritage Farmstead


Collins’s worth house

Cottonwood homestead

Mitchel house, Many other houses in down town I am not aware of the names. Alsp the old dwntown strip. Sadly some have already been taken down for the new apartments.

Cottonwood house

Downtown Plano (4)

Arch Weatherford House

Haggard home on Park and Custer. The Commercial buildings on Plano Parkway between Coit and Alma on the South side of street as well as the Haggard Farmstead on 15th street and Custer. The Tea House Victorian House on Coit between Parker and Spring Creek

Heritage farmstead 

The farm on Park Blvd between Custer and Alma

Homes in downtown area: 17th Street, 16th Street, 18th Street, 14th Street, etc.

Various Churches

First Christian Church

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church

Collinwood House. The oldest home that the mayor refused to save.

Downtown area on 15th and around H Ave and K Ave.

Victorian style homes

First Baptist Church Plano founded in 1852

First Christian Church, downtown Plano

Various buildings, homes and churches throughout Plano

Heritage Farmstead 

Downtown and Haggard Neighborhood

On 15th street heritage museum, farm on Jupiter, downtown plano

Heritage Farmstead, 

All NR eligible properties 

Liberty Church (now Willow Bend Church), Interurban, Heritage Farmstead, Wells House

downtown homes; downtown Plano; Haggard Barn

Plano Masonic Lodge No. 768, 1414 J Ave.

Downtown without the high population buildings

early 20th century homes, Haggard Park neighborhood, Municipal & 14th Street commercial areas. 

Hertage Farmstead

Collinwood House! The homes near downtown on walking tour, Cox Building.

Schell building

Plano. (2)

Heritage farmstead, railway museum

East side downtown area, old church downtown, Collinwood house

Downtown area buildings and markers of locations where early settlers once resided

Yes, need to make sure they are preserved 

1861 house

Heritage Farmstead

most buildings in Downtown Plano

beautiful mid-century modern church building at 18th & P Ave

Hmm ... how about the Collingwood House??

Haggard Park

homes  that are unique (Carpenter), Heritage Farmstead, Municipal Court, 15th St. stores/pharmacy/Schell agency/

Home, nuilding

A.R. Schell Ins.

Downtown Plano home on 15th street

most of the buildings in Haggard Park neighborhood and many in greater downtown Plano, such as the ArtCentre building, Carpenter house, etc.

ArtCentre of Plano

Interurban, locally designated structures, heritage farmstead

Downtown buildings, key historical homes



Douglass Community

downtown Plano and histirical homes nearby

Dallas North Estates

Dallas North Estates

The Texas pool


Texas Pool on the Creek


Downtown Plano District

Dallas North Estates, Historic Downtown Plano

residential, areas near downtown

Haggard Park neighborhood

Downtown area has a district.


wells homestead

Downtown Plano

Downtown Plano

Douglas Community

Plano Downtown

Old town

Douglass Community, older portions of East Plano homes, Downtown Plano 


Douglas area 


Douglass community

Old downtown

downtown is all I know

East side and south side neighborhoods at 40 years +


Douglass Community

Historic Plano Downtown District

Haggard, Downtown

Douglas community, downtown.

Old Downtown 




Areas all around east side of town

Downtown Historic District. 


Old Towne

Old Towne



Down town Plano, 15th street

residential areas with mature trees & public spaces, Haggard Park, downtown plaza on 15th st.

Downtown Plano

The Meadows

old downtown Plano

Downtown Plano

old donation

Haggard Park historic district

Downtown Plano

Downtown and Haggard Park districts




18th street

Not aware of any

Plano Cemetery & one that is over on Voit Road

Bowman Cemetary

public cemeteries, several old cemeteries

The old cemetery at the Douglass community by railroad tracks

Several small cemeteries

frankfurt cemetary

Bowman Cemetery

The Cemetery on Custer North of Spring Creek

we have some old cemeteries

Legacy cemetery 

Cemetery off Custer Road/Legacy Drive

Multiple historic 

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Columbarium

Young Family Cemetery

Cemetery on Jupiter 


All Plano Cemeteries

ROUTH Cemetery

the cemetary in Shops of Legacy

Several small cemetaries, some located within housing developments. 

The cemetery on Avenue H

Several historic cemeteries

none that I know of

Bethany, Baccus, Collinsworth Cemetery


Plano Mutual, Bowman

Plano/Wells family/Bishop cemetaries


Plano Mutual.

Plano mutual cenetery

Plano (2)

On Custer rd

Bush Cemetery.. Bushes also in Rowlett and Baccus also..

Yes, a few small ones

Plano mutual,Baccus, others 

Carpenter Cemetary

18th Street Cemetary

Plano Mutual has the Masonic, Forman, and Odd Fellows; Bethany and Young cemeteries


multiple sites:  Bowman, Municipal, historic cemetery in Douglass neighborhood near RR, 

Davis Cemetery

Plano Mutual Cemetery

Public cemetaries

Bowman Cemetery

There are 9 cemeteries in Plano.

Bowman, Pioneer, the one in Douglass, forgot the name

Several historical cemetaries




Heritage Farmstead (19)

Heritage Farmstead Museum (9)

Ms Amy’s

Haggard Farm (9)

layla farms

Barn on Haggard Farm

Heritage Farmstead has many: windmill, vegetable underground storage, etc. Many farmsteads:

Love all the farmsteads within the city. They relax me as I drive by. 

Wilson Farm & Museum

the farm at Park & Custer

none that I know of

Harrington Farm

farms that still exist

Ammie Wilson farmstead

Plano (2)

Layla farms

Collinwood Farm

Yes, but we are overbuilding with apartment


the few remaining farmsteads

Homestead on 15th & Custer

the farm near the tollway and Windhaven? 

Collinsworth home

Dairy farm, Connemara Conservancy, 


9/11 structure across from city hall

Sign at Westwood Park; Plaque at the Texas Pool

The Texas pool (2)

There are many including the Plano Conservancy’s Wayside Signs

Memorial park (3)

Haggard Park entry gate

Civil War monments

Plano Veterans Park, Heritage Farmstead Museum, Interurban railway Museum, Downtown Plano a ton, Muncey Massacre plaque, Bicentineal Bur Park, All the pre1960 built churches. 

Rail station 

Memorial plaque at Heritage Farmstead and many others around Plano

War memorial

Heritage Farmstead 

Haggard Park

I may have seen one on a building downtown

Shepard Plaque  @ 1414 J, Ave. (Old Shepard Livery)

plaques around downtown plano. Historic markers.

various plaques on PSHS campus. Veterans Memorial park.

Veterans plaza 

Plano (2)

Park for military

Veterans memorial

911 memorial, veterans memorial 

Several Historical Markers, Texas Historical Cemetery Markers.

Yes, some but need to persevere all

Douglas Community

Wayside signs at several cemeteries - Old City, Plano Mutual; Wayside sign in downtown in several spots - about the railroad, library marker

downtown historical markers

sidewalk plaques

The memorial  mosaic wall in the Douglass neighborhood, Electric RR museum, cemeteries, Military memorial at Spring Creek/Custer Rd, 

Veterens Memorial Park

Plano Masonic Lodge

Memorials, historic markers

Plaque designating Bowman Cemetery a Texas historical cemetary

Downtown Plano, plaque on 15th and K Ave

Street markers embedded into the sidewalk indicated structures that no longer exist, as in the hospital


Veterans monument at City Hall

Plaques downtown, tx historic commission markers


Haggard park (14)

The Texas Pool

Westwood Park

Downtown Plano 15th street, many businesses & homes in and around downtown.

Oak Point (2)

Texas Pool on the Creek

Downtown Plano area, The Park on Wyndhaven and Midway area.

lots of parks

Blue Bonnet Trail, Jack Carter Park, Chisholm Park, Shawne Park, Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve, Santa Fe Trail


Heritage Park downtown Plano; pond at Heritage Park downtown

Downtown park (2)

Texas Pool

West side of Plano don’t know name

Downtown Plano

McCall Plaza, Esplanade 15th 2 K Ave.

Neighborhood parks

Downtown plaza

Plano (2)

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

Collinwoods Prairie Remnants.


McCall Plaza (3)

Bob Woodruff park 

Creeksides, east Parker Rd., Bluebonnet trail, Oak Point Park    & Nature Preserve, Pecan Hollow,  Dairy farm at Parker & Jupiter, 

Harrington Park



interurban railcar

Downtown train car

The old rail car that used to take people to work in Dallas

Haggard Park train car

Texas Pool, Collinwood House

Interurban Railway


the rail car at the park in downtown

Interurban Building

Railroads and watertowers

Downtown 15th Street Railroad and Museum

The Interurban Railcar

Interurband Museum

none that I know of

Preston Trail (the cattle trail that once ran along current road path), Highway 5

Inter urban museum

interurban right of way, cattle trail

Interurban Railway building/museum/train.



Interurban Railway Museum

Bethany Road “Ford” across Rowlett Creek..




Inter urban Building

Cotton Belt & Interurban Railroad

Interurban Railway Museum

Red Brick Main Street

Bridge, railroad

Train depot in Haggard Park

Downtown Plano railroad

railroad car in downtown Plano

Clock on City Hall

Preston road that follows old cattle trail, but I don’t think it’s locally marked


Not aware

Parades for several different holidays


Balloon Festival

Plano Conservancy events including the archaeology fair


Old Settler’s Gathering

Plano Balloon Festival and its location.

Dickens Christmas; Fourth of July Parade

ballon festival is the only one I know


Balloon Festival, Celebrate Freedom



Plano Old Settlers Reunion.  Decoration Day at Rowlett Cemetery

Old Settlers get together 

Farmstead Functions

Downtown Plano group events

Dickens Holiday celebration; International countries celebration; Plano Balloon Festival

Balloon Festival

Memorial Day at Military Memorial  or Municipal Cemetary, City Hall, 9/11 remembrance at Fire Station,  1-3 days of balloons in flight,

Dickens Christmas

Dickens Christmas, Asian Festival

everything in downtown Plano

Dickens Christmas

Dickens--dont know how historic it is .  Old Settlers annual reunion


Not aware

History of Plano at the libraries

The Texas Pool Historic Timeline, Plano the Early Years Facebook Page

Libraries should have these ?

Masonic Library

Photos housed in Public Libraries, books written and photos preserved in books written by Plano residents perhaps now deceased all in Plano Public Library System, books/photos available at Heritage Farmstead

As a writer/editor, I would love to see these and study them for future reference. 

Plano Public Library 

probably in the museum

Plano Texas: The Early Years

“Never a Good Girl”, Plano-The Early Years

Plano The Early Years Book



The Bush Family Collection.


Plano the Early Years 

Collin County Images digital collection has many photographs, documents, diaries, yearbooks, and more about Plano and Collin County

Libraries, Geneology library at Haggard, 

Library collection

History of Plano

Railroad Museum

Genealogy collection at library

Archaeological Artifacts:

Not aware (5)

There are fossils in the creek that runs by the Texas Pool and through OverlandTrail Park

I’m sure there are fossil localities - can’t pinpoint. Collinwood is probably an archaeological site

Artifacts housed at Heritage Farmstead; farm equipment in Heritage Farmstead

Hearitage Farmstead, Haggard Farm on Park. 

Creek by Tom Muhlenbeck (many fossils found in creekbed) 

A discovery near Plano West HS a few years ago. Muncie Massacre site. 

Collinwood House (2)

Plano (2)

Fossils in Whiterock and Rowlett Creek.

Chisholm Trail

I imagine in Oak Point or Arbor Hills preserves

Adjacent to cemetery across the road from streets named for European airports

The various creeks in Plano have lots of fossils


Not aware

The Texas Pool

There are a number of National Register sites and 1 future site at the Texas Pool

Plano North Shopping Center Sign

Willow Bend Polo Estates

none that I know of

FM 544

sign inside Clark Stadium

Sam Johnson Highway 



Original Sign of “Bush Springs” on Hwy 5..

Some, but need to be maintained better

Connemara Conservancy (cat), neighborhood markers, 

Plano Wildcat 1965 & 1967 Football State AA Champions

Banner across 15th Street (sometimes)

Brodhead sign downtown

Collin Creek?