Q11: Are there any other questions, comments, or suggestions?

Preserve/promote historic aspects of Collin Creek Mall especially with its potential redevelopment

Preserve and keep alive the Texas pool!

Please either take over the Texas Pool maintenance and repair or eliminate the Texas Pool and make it a small and beautiful greenbelt area. It has become an eyesore and is dragging the neighborhood down with it. The 501c3 management is not doing a good job and it should be taken over by the City. It’s also noisy and effects the peace, quiet and charm of the neighborhood around it. Please also keep the Collinwood House. It’s a gem in the ever dense developing west side of Plano. Plano doesn’t need another high density apt or single family track house area or dog park in its place. It’s a really neat structure with history and can be classy and nostalgic if maintained.

Designate the Texas Pool….something that played a unique role in the fabric of neighbors and residents. It doesn’t have to be REALLY old to matter!

I really like the community program to improve/clean up the Davis Cemetery (I think that was the one)

Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of our community. Our shared history inspires the future of us all.

Save Collingwood House

Stop the Collinwood House from being destroyed.


McKinney has done a good job of saving historic bldgs. Plano needs to do that!

Please preserve the Collinwood hosue.

I have to say my first thought on receiving this survey was – it must be a joke. One of my saddest days as a 20+ year Plano resident was when I saw the City Council vote to tear down the oldest house in Plano. Shame on them, and shame on us in Plano if they follow through. How can a Preservation Society allow such a thing?

Preservation Review? First I’ve heard of it! Post everything online or you won’t reach millennials

Will you please do what you can to preserve Collinwood House?

Plano’s more recent history as the quintessential suburb needs to be documented and appreciated.

Every time a new building is being put up, Plano’s history is wiped away. Learn to say NO to new (retail/restaurant/homes etc.) buildings. Preserve what is left before it is too late. More Bob Woodruff Park style parks.

Don’t throw good money after bad. For example the Collingwood house. There is nothing special about the house that would cause people to visit. It is not worth the money and delaying the park.

Allowing Bruce to write the bond for 3 million dollars was a joke. Who allowed that?

The city officials I’m sure will use this to continue to only support downtown with no other outlook. Their view only.

How about preserving the quality of life that we used to have here in Plano???

Like the overall concept of the City trying to implement the historical preservation.

This survey is a good start.

Better communication to Plano residents regarding achievements would lead to more support from residents for historic preservation.

I would like to see more information about historic Plano published in either online or through print means. Also have local residents and historians telling their stories.

There is a perception, perhaps warranted, that Plano was a farm community until the 1980’s. Therefore there is a gap between farming and suburbia that may not elicit interest. If there is something other than farm houses worth noting, we should discuss it more. Otherwise, let’s embrace who we are now with a not to our past. The history of Plano may be interesting, but it doesn’t hold as much significance as other places. I’m not convinced we should go too crazy with preserving everything. Perhaps old homes can be relocated, rebuilt(copied), as a way to locate historic buildings. Look at the Gov. Bill & Laura Daniel Historic Village in Waco, https://www.baylor.edu/mayborn/index.php?id=931881

The historic cemeteries are very under-appreciated and dilapidated. I am also worried that development might eventually remove hallmark locations such as the farms in Central Plano.

Don’t remove Collinwood

Collinwood House.

Collinwood House should stay on its original site, and operated like the Heritage Farmstead.

Figure out a way to save Collinwood House – It’s IMPORTANT

Save Collinwood house

Save the Collinwood, the oldest House in Plano and still in original condition generally.

Collinwood. Save it. We don’t need another 125 acre dog park. Cut it to 124 acres. The dogs don’t care about the loss of 1 measly acre. And that’s all that is required to save the house. Like the Nike ad says, Just Do It! And Plano will be a better place.

Don’t remove one of the oldest Homes in Plano (Collinwood)


Make yourself look like a good guy and manage a PR stunt to save the Collinwood House in place. Talk about good press!

Please keep us informed! Thank you for all you do!

What ways does the City inform Plano residents of the importance of history in our area, ongoing projects, things to get out and see of historic significance in our city? Get families involved by giving the children a project to “check off” all of the historic sites they have seen in the summer. Send back to the City – get a badge or something. Involvement!

Plano is strong because of the efforts in its past. Don’t let the physical evidence of this past be lost.

In addition to preserving historic areas, beautifying them would also be great for the City’s appeal. Not only preserving the City’s history but make it beautiful too. A great example is the city of Oak Park, Illinois: https://www.oak-park.us/village-services/planning/historic-preservation

Save Collinwood in place. It is on PUBLIC PAID FOR PARKLAND.

Great job everyone. Going to miss Doug very much—hoping his replacement is up to filling his shoes.

Find a way to wrest problem properties away from absentee landlords – survey the benefit to the city & impact on crime, property values, etc. Would be in city’s interest (& public perception of downtown neighborhood) – TENPLEX & MATHEWS HOUSE!!

This is a great forum! Thank you!

Love Downtown. Its preservation and enhancement are critical. So glad it is not cookie cutter boring place like Water’s Creek. Love the diversity and interesting differences in the area.

The word “arts district” are getting used a lot in downtown advertising and that is all well and good. However, in any city that has one, there is only 1 historic area. Let’s not forget to use the word “HISTORIC”! All of this preservation business is because downtown is historic! When using the word downtown, historic should always be with the world downtown, i.e. “historic downtown Plano”

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